Essential reading for the gold traders diary

The research

Each transit to transit, ingress or planetary station has been examined and matched with the gold price chart around the time of the event to establish predictable correlations with price movements. The program Market trader Sterling Silver, designed by Alphee Lavoie and Sergey Tarasov, was used to help with the research for this gold traders diary.

The data for gold prices used is from Jan 1975 to March 2017 and is from Gold futures contracts from Comex Gold. This data was sourced from Nick Laird of ShareLynx in QLD, Australia.

The data from the whole period was compared to the data covering Jan 2008-March 2017 to check how recent movement compared to the overall picture to

  • Find common ground if possible,
  • Attempt to blend the two pictures and
  • Put greater emphasis on more recent times.

Thus this study similar to the difference between a simple moving average and an exponential one where the recent price action is weighted more heavily than earlier price action.

Changing trading patterns

Trading patterns have changed since the introduction of online trading and more readily available retail trading of commodities. There is a large amount of algorithmic trading happening now. Apparently 70% of trading on the New York Stock exchange is Algo.  Last but not least, the financial landscape changed radically when Pluto moved into Capricorn in January 2008!

Star rating

In the research for the gold traders diary I looked for possible trades where there was a high probability of the direction suggested, there was a reasonable profit to be had and the drawdowns were not to great.  For this reason, I decided on the following star rating.

  • 1 star for 60-69% probability,
  • 2 stars for 70-79% probability
  • 3 stars for 80% or more probability
  • + 1 star for less than 5% drawdown
  • + 1 star for profits more than 4%

So the move that was highly probable, had little drawdown and good expected returns = 5 ? (3+1+1=5?).

Wouldn’t we all like to have those every day!

The big picture

In this report all results have been included that could be helpful in deciding the direction of the price. As with all trading, nothing is simple and sometimes there are conflicting indications. The 1 and 2-star influences are included because they help to fill out the picture.

These influences are meant to considered in conjunction with technical analysis and economic news and announcements. is a reliable source for this. However they are not meant to be used as a sole indicator for trades. Trading is a risky occupation and it is always best to get advice from experts before getting involved.


The diary came about because remembering things at the right time is difficult. Most people find it hard to function without a diary for other things in their lives, so why not one for gold trading so the information you need is given to you at the time you may need to act on it?

The information gathered is very detailed. It would be easy to miss valuable information unless it is presented clearly. To achieve this clarity astrological trade signals are presented for each week to help your understanding.

Signals and transits

Each event or signal is explained at the time when the influence begins which may be weeks before the exact time of the transit, station or ingress. As you may know, some of the outer planets like Neptune and Pluto move very slowly and the connections to other planets last longer.

Sometimes the predictable move comes after the transit is exact. For others there might be a two-stage effect where first it is long and then short, suggesting a top or visa versa when it is suggesting a bottom. When Uranus is involved there can be three directional moves. Uranus seems to often have a fake out move, then the real action takes place afterwards.

The comments on each week are presented to bring an overall understanding of the weeks events and signals. Some events are not so much directional but reversal signals that could go either way, so that needs to be communicated as well.

Good luck with your trading,

Alison Feiner.

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